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ByThe Clean Carpet Company

Green Seal Certified


Green Seal is the premier non-profit, independent, Eco-label in the United States that uses science based programs to empower companies to create a more sustainable world.

The Clean Carpet Company is proud to say that our main carpet cleaning product is Green Seal certified. We proudly use Host products to clean and maintain all carpeting. Host has achieved the GS-37 Certification from Green Seal, meeting all of its performance, environmental, and packaging requirements necessary for certification.

The Green Seal certification means that when we clean your carpets, we know that we are not using any products or chemicals that are harmful to humans or animals. When we are finished cleaning a room not only will it be dry and ready to use, but it will also be safe for your little ones, on two legs or four, to play on. We also know that at the end of the day we have helped keep our environment a little bit cleaner and safer for everyone.

Some companies use a method called “green washing” to trick consumers into believing a product is green. Using their own label, they use a product that is less harmful than their main product and say that it’s a “green” method. This is a deceptive, unethical practice that we do not subscribe to. Ask us to see the Green Seal and we will proudly show you the seal on the outside of the bucket.

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