We utilize the HOST Dry Extraction System…

What is HOST?

HOST is a soft, natural product consisting of millions of absorbent sponges. These “sponges” are moistened with a unique blend of water, detergents and a small amount of safe to use solvent. The SPONGES Cleaner contains and controls all the necessary liquid to dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soil.

The HOST SPONGES do a double duty job. First, they carry the liquid cleaning agents to the fibers a controlled way. Second, they loosen, absorb and hold the soil in control for extraction by vacuuming. With the HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System we are in total control of the cleaning chemicals and soil at all times.

How does it work?

The HOST Machine brushes the moist SPONGES up, down, over and around the carpet fibers so they contact all surfaces of the soiled fibers, breaking the oil bond and wiping the soil away. This action is similar to a moist sponge used to wipe up spills in the kitchen or soil from a wall. Carpet pile is a vertical surface much like a wall. When liquid is applied, gravity pulls any excess moisture down into the carpet toward the backing.

When we use the HOST SPONGES we don’t lose control of the moisture and soil. In addition to absorbing the soil, the HOST SPONGES hold that soil until it is removed by vacuuming.

Carpets do not resoil as quickly as when cleaned with wet methods because there is no sticky residue to grad and hold fresh soil. Because the HOST System does not contribute to resoiling, regular, frequent vacuuming helps to keep the carpet cleaner longer.

Will HOST “deep clean”?

The unique design makes the HOST Machine ideal for deep cleaning carpets. Carpet is manufactured in straight rows of upright carpet yarns. This is similar to millions of individual, vertical surfaces. The brushes of the HOST Machine turn toward each other in a vertical direction, the same direction as the carpet yarns. This makes it possible for the brushes to get into the carpet pile and work the HOST SPONGES in, around and through the carpet yarns, deep cleaning the carpet.

A side benefit is effective pile lifting and restoration. So if the carpet is dirty right to the backing, the HOST Machine can work the HOST SPONGES deep into the carpet. The SPONGES Cleaner then dissolves and absorbs the soil and is removed during the vacuuming procedure. Our HOST EXTRACTOR VAC improves on the ability to deep clean because of its superior vacuuming ability. In heavily soiled areas, power vacuum the area before applying the HOST SPONGES and this will help you to achieve better results.

Is HOST corn cobs, compound or a powder?

No, it isn’t. The best way to describe HOST SPONGES Carpet Cleaner is: a natural processed organic fiber that is absorbent, like a sponge. HOST is made from these natural sponges and is safe, nonabrasive and biodegradable.

The naturally absorbent HOST SPONGES performs the necessary job in carpet cleaning. This makes it possible for us to deliver cleaning agents to a vertical surface without losing control, and absorb those agents and the soil that has been dissolved so removal is simple and efficient.

Will some of these HOST SPONGES be left in my carpet after a cleaning?

We are very thorough about removing the vast majority of the sponges from the carpet and any that may be leftover are very hard to notice. They will continue to be removed with subsequent vacuumings.

Every carpet cleaning method leaves something in your carpet. HOST SPONGES are non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-resoiling and are not food for any unwanted critters.

Why should I have my carpets cleaned with HOST instead of a wet method?

First, it is important to know the objective of carpet cleaning. The objective is to remove the soil as completely and efficiently as possible.

There are two different principles at work in each method. A wet method must first liquefy and dissolve the soil in and on the carpet in order to begin to retrieve it. As the liquid flows on to the carpet and the liquefaction of the soil occurs, it essentially loses control and the soil and cleaning solution flow throughout the entire carpet. Based on the statistics that manufacturers of water extraction machines use, only 60-85% of the liquid used can be retrieved.

Consequently, if 10 gallons of liquid is used in a room, 3-4 gallons of liquid will be left in the carpet. When we look in the tank and see dirty water, we must remember the 3-4 gallons left behind in the carpet contain the same dirty residues.

In other words, what is left behind has the same soil and cleaning chemicals as what is in the tank. As the carpet dries out, some of the soil and spots may “wick” to the surface of the carpet and require re-cleaning.

HOST SPONGES work on a different principle. It is millions of small sponges, dampened with the right amount of water, detergents and safe-to-use solvent. This allows us to keep control of the liquids at all times during the cleaning process so there is no chance of “wick back”.

HOST is just like a sponge you use in your kitchen to wipe up spills on a table or counter. When you pass the sponge across the surface, it lays out a film of cleaning agents which dissolves the soil and then the sponge absorbs the dissolved soil. Everything that is dissolved is absorbed and trapped in the HOST SPONGES so it can be removed by vacuuming. This is a controlled way of removing soil which meets the objective stated above. This is a very efficient way to remove soil from the carpet.

Do I need to wet extract my carpet every 6 months or every year? Why?

It is not necessary to wet extract the carpet once it has been cleaned with the HOST System. As has been stated, HOST is a very efficient way to remove soil, and used properly, it will help to keep a carpet clean year-round. There is no need to use any other method to supplement the cleaning process.

HOST is capable of deep cleaning and restoring a carpet as well or better than any other method on the market, therefore, it is not necessary to use other methods when you are using the HOST System.

I have already seen a dry method demonstrated and it did not work.

If you haven’t seen the HOST System demonstrated, you haven’t seen dry extraction carpet cleaning. There are many competitive products in the marketplace claiming to be dry cleaning products, some are and some are not – like bonnet cleaning methods.

The HOST System is the original dry extraction or low moisture cleaning system. It combines the use of specially formulated dry extraction cleaning products and a machine specifically designed to be used on carpeting. No other manufacturer of so-called dry cleaning methods has this unique combination. Let us show you the HOST System so you can truly evaluate for yourself dry extraction low moisture carpet cleaning.

Why will the HOST System take out a spot so it will not come back?

First, it is important to understand why some spots reappear. When liquid is used in an uncontrolled manner to remove spots from the carpet, it can dissolve the spot and cause it to run to the base of the carpet. This is because of the vertical nature of carpeting. Gravity will take the dissolved soil and spots, and pull them toward the bottom of the carpeting. During the evaporation process, the dissolved spot is drawn up the sides of the carpet yarn and eventually reappears on the surface.

The HOST SPONGES cleans in a controlled manner. It contains just the right amount of moisture to dissolve the soil or spot but not enough to cause it to run down the sides of the carpet yarn. As soon as the soil is dissolved, it is absorbed by the HOST SPONGES. Since none of the dissolved spot has the opportunity to run to the base of the carpet, there isn’t anything there to “wick back” to the surface. That’s why when you clean a spot with the HOST System, it will not come back.

Is HOST harmful or is it safe?

The HOST cleaning products are totally safe to use. We have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) sheets available on each product.

HOST SPONGES is not an eye irritant, not a primary skin irritant. It is also nontoxic by oral ingestion or by inhalation. However, some people with unusual skin sensitivity should protect their hands and arms from direct contact with the product. Also some people with respiratory problems should avoid using HOST in unventilated or confined areas. By and large, for the general population, it is a safe product to use.

HOST SPONGES are Green Seal Certified.

I have heard that solvent based dry cleaning products cause resoiling and are not effective on some types of soil

There is a great deal of confusion in the industry as to the nature of the various dry cleaning products available for carpet cleaning. The original dry cleaning products were solvent based products. They were a clay powder (diatomaceous earth) mixed with a dry cleaning solvent which was scattered on the carpet, brushed in with a hand brush or broom and then vacuumed. These products were oily and could potentially cause some resoiling.

Today, all of the dry cleaning products manufactured are water based, not solvent based. The HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning products are water based also. The main ingredients in HOST SPONGES are water, detergents and other green cleaning chemistry.  These ingredients DO NOT contribute to resoiling.

This combination of cleaning ingredients helps to dissolve all types of soil, whether it is water based or oil based. And since such a small amount of moisture is used, there is very little left behind on the carpet fiber to promote resoiling. When you clean a carpet with the HOST System, it will stay cleaner longer than with any other method you may have tried.

How can you have detergents which do not leave residues of some sort in the carpet?

We have never claimed the HOST System will leave no detergent residue in the carpet. HOST will leave the least amount of detergent residue compared to other cleaning methods. Since we use such a small amount of liquid during the cleaning process, it follows that a much smaller amount of liquid remains behind. Therefore, there is a much smaller amount of detergent residue left in the carpet.

The detergents we use in the HOST SPONGES have been formulated to dry to a crispy residue. This type of detergent does not promote resoiling, so the small amount of detergent that is left will not cause the carpet to get dirtier faster.

How often should I clean my carpet?

The answer to this question will depend on the type of carpet, the color and where it is installed.

If the carpet is installed in a residence, the need for cleaning will be different than if it is installed in a commercial setting. In most cases the carpet will only require cleaning twice a year when it is installed in a residence. Of course, there are exceptions to this depending on the number of people in the home, pets and the style of the carpet.

Why do carpet mills and fiber producers recommend HOST?

They recommend the HOST System because they have found that it performs well and is safe for all types of carpet. Their experience has been that HOST delivers clean carpet. They find their customer is happy with the long-term appearance of the carpeting and is more inclined to purchase carpet in the future. The carpet manufacturer and fiber producer are interested in selling more carpet, and they can do this if the customer is happy with their decision to purchase carpet. The HOST System makes that possible because it delivers long-term, high appearance at reasonable cost.

Portions of this page reprinted with permission from Racine Industries Inc